Video Premiere: Paige Beller – ‘Brautigan’

Ohio’s Paige Beller has shared the video for “Brautigan.” The video comes on the heels of her recent split 7″ with MOIRA and TINO and I’ll Be Better LP (where the song comes from) for Sofaburn Records.

“The video for ‘Brautigan’ comes from the mind of filmmaker Victor Bonacore. I see it as a person struggling between their inner good and evil. You are watching someone give in to the worst parts of themselves and eventually be consumed. At the end, life goes on.”

Paige Beller has steadily gained traction in Midwest indie circles since her debut on the scene in the mid 2000s. Known for her multi-instrument approach, she has turned what could have been another singer songwriter act into something that feels like an entire band, using drums, guitar, keys, synth and loops to create grand sonic landscapes. Beller’s style is raw and imaginative, both reverent and challenging of pop tradition, and delivers in lyrics and melodies that are emotionally vulnerable.

Beller recorded several singles at Reel Love Recording Company in Dayton, Ohio, in 2018, and released her first full-length LP, I’ll Be Better, a couple of weeks ago with Sofaburn Records. Her latest endeavor, a collaboration with dynamic synth-pop maestros MOIRA and hip-hop artist TINO for a limited run of exclusive 7″, was released in mid-September.

Catch Beller live:

The Fest in Gainesville, FL (Oct. 31 2021)
Iron Fest in Cincinnati, OH (Nov. 15 2021).

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