What do you get if you cross ‘80s punk, ‘90s indie rock, ‘00s post-hardcore, Bob Mortimer’s ‘Train Guy’ and a penchant for melody tucked under a layer of noise? Those very, very particular conditions ultimately lead you to Party Boss.

New Noise are proud to premiere the video for “Stay Colder” below:

Formed by Matt Rider (Paper Mill, the Holiday Plan), Ned Mendez (The Dissociates) and Mat Elias (Brinkworth, the Holiday Plan) in mid-2019, the band quickly went about establishing themselves as one of the most exciting and unique live bands in the London punk scene. Melody meets chaos-meets ‘60s covers-meets jazz/punk interludes… Not your usual New Cross Inn opener.

After a few months of existence, the band had played with Off With Their Heads, The Murderburgers, Crazy Arm, Aerial Salad and Pacer among other truly excellent bands. 2020 started with shows in Brighton and a mini Southwest UK tour with Tripper (who also happen to be Mike Watt of the Minutemen’s backing band and Crazy Arm lynchpin Darren John’s other band).

February 2020 saw the band enter their DIY studio (Mat built the Party Shed in his garden, the other Matt produced the recordings in it) and things were looking exciting.

Onstage, Party Boss come alive—this is not an internet project. So, the band decided to park things until they could do what they do best: wear ill-fitting business attire and tear up stages with a mix of melody and mess. It’s over a year since those 2020 sessions but now that shows are back on the menu, Party Boss are coming out of the strange yearlong hibernation that was 2020 and COVID-19.

“‘Stay Colder’ is a response to the insipid homogenization that the workplace often forces on us—a kickback against the hypocrisy of celebrating creativity, whilst demanding conformity,” the band says. “And an exasperation at ‘that fridge nobody cleans.’ As vocalist/guitarist Matt Rider (also of U.K. rockers Paper Mill) snarls, ‘you never signed up for this,’ you get the sense he’s had enough. ‘I just got sick of having to speak in a certain way, live in a certain way and be a certain way, just to sort of get by. And all the while being expected to be at my best. It’s bullshit! You either get me, or you get a worker. You can’t have both.'”

Party Boss are teaming up with Disconnect Disconnect Records to release their debut double A-side, “Stay Colder” b/w “Complex Economics.” Life-affirming, cathartic, melodic and raw.

Check out Disconnect Disconnect Records here.

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