Released today, Pentral’sSilent Trees‘ is an exceptional introduction to the band. Showcasing their hard rock and metal roots, ‘Silent Trees’ is the first single from their forthcoming album, ‘What Lies Ahead of Us’. Passionate about raising awareness for environmental protection and equality, Pentral speak the truth within their music, and that’s what makes them real contenders in the world of Metal.

Telling us about the new single, Pentral mention, “This song is both lyrical and fierce, electric and acoustic, in a try to express musically what is the life of the characters about. What it’s like to be in an environment that is constantly threatened.  The aesthetic of the music video shows this duality – beauty and hideousness, peace and tension, serenity and oppression. They are ordinary people who live and get everything they need to survive in the forest, but they are kind of advised by The Silent Trees about a threat that’s coming and the way the forest tries to communicate with that couple is through “the portal”.

The portal is a “centerpiece” in the story that will be better explained in the next chapters, as the album is about these characters’ drama. The actual “portal” (there are two) was made by people who really live in the Amazon Forest. We tried to create through the clothes, locations, and atmosphere an authentic portrayal of the people who live in the Brazilian woods, who are being more and more constricted by the urban expansion and the invaders of their lands.”

Visually enchanting, ‘Silent Trees’ escapes the current toxicity of the world and could easily put Hollywood directors to shame. Directed by Roger Elarrat, you can see the full music video credits via the YouTube link. A perfect moment in their career to date, ‘Silent Trees’ is hard-hitting and everything you’d want from a heroic metal anthem.

Adding more about the music video, Pentral state, ““Another way we used a lot in the music video to show the feelings and mood the characters are facing throughout their journey is the colours. We used a special camera lens to add golden layers to the woods and waited for the sun to come up at the right point. Actually, Pentral stands for spirit, so we truly believe that this spiritual world is everywhere, staring at us, including in the woods.

This world can predict the future and some people are able to connect with it. Before the shooting of the music video, we prayed a lot to the spirits of the forest. There are tons of stories of people who enter the woods to do something, “don’t ask for permission” and things go terribly wrong. We hope this video could bring awareness to the suffering of Amazon Forest and its inhabitants which is going on right now.”

You can find Pentral and more of their story over on Facebook.


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