Pheller are stoked to unveil their new video, “Down,” from their latest record, No Blood. 

DIY to their core, Pheller pride themselves on individuality, independence, and good music. Born in 2016, Pheller have been working hard to gain momentum since their debut EP in 2016, Pups. With a release following each year, Pheller are making sure that they’re not so easily forgotten, and how could you forget the melodic, focused beat, and that DIY grit and pomp in each vocal note?

With a lineup consisting of Matt Piserchio, Vanessa Marchiano, Dan Chiera, and Nigel Pierson its hard to miss the mark. Each member also plays a core role in the production and creation of Pheller’s music—whether it’s literally the music, merch, or booking, each person has an impact in keeping the gears going the truest DIY way. Their collaboration with other, local artists creates an inclusivity that other groups should envy. Independent music-making has created a space and following for Pheller that is devoted and just as excited about the up-and-coming as the band is!

Pheller’s anticipated, 2019 EP release, No Blood, follows up their 2018 EP Redux. The album is a six-track continuation of what Pheller have worked so hard to become. Aside from pumping out music, the band continues to play shows around North America and Canada, widening their reach a little more with each set.

“‘Down’ is an ode to our existential crisis,” the band says. “A song about reaching your breaking point and letting the world know, ‘I’m not okay.'”

Purchase the album here. 


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