Video Premiere: Pillars Of A Twisted City – ‘Collision Course with Armageddon’

Pillars Of A Twisted City will be releasing their self titled album on August 21 via Debt Offensive Records. Check out “Collision Course with Armageddon” here. 


Lyrically, the album deals with scientific, political, and philosophical narratives. Themes include theories of quantum physics and alternate realities, the transcendence of time, corruption, being born dead in a lifeless world, and demonic possession.

The record offers, “such a great mix of elements. The more it’s listened to the more one can hear subtle things in the mix. The instrumentals add so much atmosphere and beauty to the album and makes it a perfect listen front to back,” (Jahmeel Russell, ACTORS) and its, “sparse melodies and cold atmosphere is haunting. The best part of ’80s guitar goth mixed with a desperate rasp. Eighties Killing Joke meets Joy Division meets Bauhaus, presented in the sonic equivalent to a boom box recording. Classic,” (James Farwell, Bison). 

“‘Collision course with Armageddon’ is a song about embracing our inevitable death, realizing that in order to embrace the light, you must caress the darkness,” says Johnny Stewart. 

“The lyrics in the mood connect with the video. The visual metaphor of rough sea and surf represents the destructive beauty of the surface and the unknown beneath.”

Follow their Bandcamp here. 

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