Video Premiere: Pity Party – ‘Masculinity is a Prison’

Pity Party’s “Masculinity is a Prison,” out now on their new album, Concrete, touches on abuse, trauma, and a lot of other issues that need tackling.

Pity Party are an emo/pop-punk band from Oakland, CA. Characterized by their frenzied, unforgettable live shows and fierce dedication to community
outreach and mental health advocacy, Pity Party have been spreading their wild, barely-holding -it-together energy across the U.S. since 2014. Having now dipped their toes in touring internationally in 2019, and recently finishing recording Concrete, Pity Party are ready to take over the world.

Their upcoming, sophomore, full-length album Concrete, gives a voice to the pain of prolonged abuse, the struggle of trauma and the hope and perseverance we all deserve to heal. Their hope is that others will feel less alone in their individual circumstance and feel empowered to reach out to organizations, community groups, and individuals who can help them.

Preorder the record here. 

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