Passionate, energetic 4 piece rock outfit Pointless are from Blackwood, NJ and are heavily influenced by earlier Jersey emo punk rock acts like Saves the Day, Lifetime, and Crucial Dudes.

New Noise has a premiere of Pointless’s latest song and video “Make & Model” which you can check out below:

Because no one knows a band like people in it, Pointless were nice enough to provide a short biography of themselves for your information and vindication. You can read it below:

Everything began in a climate control storage unit on the Black Horse Pike in Blackwood, Camden County, New Jersey. We had our first practice in the winter of 2017 as remnants of our previous band, Hot Trash, and with the help of Drew and Mike from the legendary south Jersey, I Call Fives, who agreed to assist us with writing and getting started. We packed into the cold storage unit in the dead of winter and started playing music together. Within a few weeks, Drew and Mike decided to continue pursuing and focusing on other goals and left the group. With their departure quickly followed the exit of our lifelong friend and former singer of Hot Trash, Nick Mazza, to also diligently focus on other life goals. From that point, we eventually recruited our friend Nate Thompson, who introduced us to Julian Carbone and the band was born. Months passed and we had the time of our lives writing music, escaping from our daily routines and jobs to just let loose, laugh, and play music. While not having a confirmed name and going back and forth for weeks trying to decide, coming up with some of the most awful names and literally getting on each other’s nerves with some of our suggestions, we (Justin Monturano & Noah McCarson) went to the bar next to the storage unit to have a drink after practice one night. We muttered some more names back and forth until one of us said “f*** it, this is pointless”. We then both looked at each other, and the rest was history. 

On the new song and video, Pointless offered the following:

“‘Make & Model’ was written about nights up at West Chester University, where I (Justin) went to college. Overall the song is about fond memories, change, and the impact of people, manifested through the bonds they shared and created together.” 

Photo by Pointless.

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