Creating early, auditory connections might be the last thing parents think they’re doing when casually deciding between Joan Jett or The Rolling Stones to play on the car ride to school. The commercials using radio rock as background music, old and weathered musical instruments lying around the house or thrifted art pieces hanging in the bathroom may not outwardly birth a prodigy, but for the Bolin brothers Drew, and Reed, this is what started it all.

The Bolins’ household is surrounded by items that influence creative exploration, and although the Bolin brothers and Kyle Grant weren’t raised together, they unknowingly experienced a very similar creative childhood. With Kyle Grant absorbing his father’s music choices or watching VH1 music videos, he found himself magnetically drawn to the world of music. With a guitar gifted from his grandmother, Kyle Grant found friends Drew and Reed, who quickly became family, and it felt much like what they would eventually call their pop-rock band: Practically Paradise.

Despite their vastly different music preferences, from hardcore to pop, the three friends started this journey to just create music that feels right at this moment in time. Knowing this, the trio thought Practically Paradise could end up with a unique sound and they were right.

Their debut single “On Read” takes off with a pop-rock guitar intro with a style that sounds straight from Nashville, and builds up into a story of “ghosting,” an annoyingly relatable sentiment for anyone in today’s dating scene, but it’s much more than what can be told on a relationship level.

Kyle Grant elaborates, “Everyone wants to be heard, to be acknowledged, to know that they aren’t alone in the world, especially in a world that’s become so divided through the development of social media. This void has never been felt in the generations before us, so the negative effects of feeling unwanted and left out to dry are exponential. We hear you, and we understand. You aren’t alone.”

Check out our premiere of Practically Paradise’s new song and video for “On Read” below:

On the singles direct inspiration, Steven Bolin stated:

“Being ghosted has become commonplace in the world of dating, having been left ‘on read’ multiple times this year alone, I was incredibly frustrated with it; just be straight up and communicate, and save both of us the trouble.”

Practically Paradise’s debut single “On Read” and its accompanying visual drops December 4.

Photo by Practically Paradise.

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