Southern New Hampshire band Promise Game describe themselves as “multi-genre punk rock,” with a strong balance of early 2000s pop punk alongside other modern genres. The group released their debut EP It Won’t Be Long Now…, and they are now revealing a brand new song and music video, “Any Reason To Party,” featuring Joshua Herzer, the vocalist for Lions Lions.

The band are looking forward to taking the Promise Game sound to “a whole new level,” the new single mixing fast pop punk and post hardcore, while still staying true to their goal of making music they love without ever thinking if it “fits their genre.” 

“We’re here to play music that we love without worrying about fitting into one specific genre. For us it’s all about having fun with friends, while creating songs that our listeners can have fun jamming out to,” Promise Game says.

Promise Game have built a following known as the PG Family and are setting the stage for an “epic” follow-up release, though “Any Reason To Party” truly shows the passion behind the band’s music.

The band plan to release a collection of singles in 2021, so it sounds like with “Any Reason to Party,” Promise Game are just getting started.

Check out the band’s merch store here, and watch the video for “Any Reason to Party” below:

For more from Promise Game, find them on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Photo courtesy of Promise Game.


Keegan Williams is a freelance journalist and artist. Keegan is based in Los Angeles, CA and lives quaintly with their hairless cat, two model skeletons, and Furby baby.

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