Follow the dark, oppressive narrative in the new Psychoanut video for “The Story of Your Enslavement,” a track out on their record Unfold The God Man on March 6 via Pelagic.

“‘The Story of Your Enslavement’ is the most aggressive and ‘negative’ song on the album. It takes place somewhere between the arrival of Sananda (the Jesus figure) and the present. The basic idea is that we have become out of touch with our higher selves and have descended into a numb, slave-like existence where our own real concern is to keep our system alive.

“We are all serving a corrupt, destructive machine that is slowly killing humans, animals, and nature, and the only reason we aren’t organizing a massive rebellion is because we believe we’re not strong enough to do so or because we’re not willing to sacrifice our artificial luxuries. The advice that we’ve included in this song is that we need to realize how powerful we all are together, and that the only reason that we’ve become slaves is because we’ve allowed ourselves to believe so.

“We have the ability to reconnect to the source and realize that we have the potential to become so much more. We can start to recognize the fact that we shouldn’t even need a ‘system’ to keep us organized. We shouldn’t need ‘leaders,’ since we are more than capable of leading ourselves if we all align our actions with our conscience.

PSYCHONAUT literally came from out of nowhere—Mechelen, Belgium, to be precise—but their debut album showcases truly world-class musicianship and songwriting abilities heavily influenced by ‘70s bands like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd but also drawing inspiration from contemporary heavy artists like Tool or Amenra.

Recorded by Chiaran Verheyden at the renowned Daft Studios in Malmedy, Unfold The God Man is an intricate concept album tackling philosophical and existential themes and ultimately exploring mankind’s re-ascension to a higher level of consciousness. The nearly 70-minute-long album contains material from over three years of incessant writing, arranging, and recording.

“We’ve always been interested in religion, spirituality, and philosophy,” comments Stefan DeGraef, who oversees all guitars and half the vocals in Psychonaut. “We’ve meditated together, had long discussions about the nature of life, the origin of consciousness, the purpose of existing, etc., for as long as we’ve known each other. We share a common vision and have a connection. We were blessed with some experiences in the past which fundamentally changed the way we look at the universe and ourselves.”

It comes as no surprise then that there is a lot of attention to detail behind Unfold The Godman. One such feature is the fact that the album was recorded with the note A tuned to 432 Hz because this relates to the idea that 432 is a multiple of the number nine, which is used in much of the symbolism to which the band refers

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