Producer and songwriter Pvrception, aka Poison Tongue Boy, strives to mix and meld his favorite genres with his own style in a way that evolves with each project.

Creating fusions between emo, rock, pop, trap, and EDM, Pvrception is an artist that has the ability to invoke many moods between rage and love. With influences rooted in 2000s’ pop-punk and modern-day pop/rap, this solo act brings an emotional edge to the table as well as enough energy to keep you boppin’.

With deeply personal lyrics that dig into the songwriters fears, struggles, and dreams, he lays it all out for the listener atop bangin’ beat production. Pvrception’s upcoming project Poison Tongue Boy 3 is all set to be both his best yet (and just the beginning).

The first pre-release single, “On My Own” (featuring Scummi Boi and producer Dylan Galli), is streaming now with the full recording of Poison Tongue Boy 3 to release March 19.

Check out the video for “On My Own” below:

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