Pyramid Theorem’s “Closer to the End” is the latest single from Pyramid Theorem’s Beyond the Exosphere, out August 21. 


Quote from Samuel Ermellini:
We wanted something dark and ominous but still wanted to have a story involved. The idea of having someone write a letter was a simple concept that represents personal reflections of life. We’re all on a journey filled with triumphs, trials, and tribulations. ‘Closer To The End,’ in my opinion is a swan song in many ways, a last conversation before the inevitable.

Founded in the late 2000s, the band—bassist/vocalist Christian Di Mambro, keyboardist/guitarist/vocalist Stephan Di Mambro, percussionist Vito De Francesco, and lead guitarist/vocalist Sam Ermellini—have already established themselves as unquenchably imaginative, determined, and skillful on their first two full-length statements (2012’s eponymous debut and 2017’s Element of Surprise) and prior EPs. As stellar as those records are, however, Pyramid Theorem’s forthcoming collection, Beyond The Exosphere, surpasses them in every respect.

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