With earnest, narrative-driven lyrics and maddeningly keen sense of groove, Raavi & the Houseplants hold a smart balance between guitar-focused indie and left-of-center math rock. Comprised of Raavi Sita (vox + guitar), James Duncan (bass), Justin Termotto + Josef Kiefer (guitar), and superstar drummer Madden Klass, RHP has released an EP, a debut LP (Don’t Hit Me Up) and a now string of singles. With a dedicated following, the boston-based band is at its best toeing genre lines and constantly pushing the bill forward.

Check out our premiere of Raavi & the Houseplants’s “Major Tool” below:

The song was written in a flash, but ironically encapsulates a feeling of hesitation. Raavi describes it as a moment of insecurity. It’s “that awkward place in a new-ish relationship where you’re starting to get close and it wouldn’t make sense not to talk about your problems,” she explains, “but you don’t want your baggage to scare them off, you know?” 

Raavi Sita continues:

“While our record danced around themes of misunderstanding and avoidance, Major Tool (despite the goofy name) is a more grown up take on communication. It’s about learning that not only is it okay to be vulnerable with the people you care about, but it’s absolutely necessary if you want to cultivate a more meaningful relationship.”

Photo courtesy of Raavi Sita.

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