Video Premiere: Radiator King – ‘Gamefighter’

Chanel the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll with this new track from Radiator King, “Gamefighter,” out March 10 via SoundEvolution Records.

“’Gamefighter’ takes a look at the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll, that rebellious nature,” says Adam Silvestri, the man behind Radiator King. “What started me down the path of writing it—when I was growing up, I used to read about all these blues singers who left the farm.

“They went to Chicago and gave up everything to live this rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle before rock ‘n’ roll even existed. It’s like folklore. Whether all the stories are true doesn’t matter; they give you a sense of mystique, and they inspire you. These guys gambled what little they had, and they became immortal.

“You’ll hear a lot of references in this song, and in my writing, to gospel and preachers and church. All of that holds a lot of mystique for me. I have so much respect for these old blues guys who shaped rock ‘n’ roll and came from that tradition. I’ve never really enjoyed going to church, but from Muddy Waters to Jerry Lee Lewis, gospel-influenced music was always so profound to me.

“Their lives were so difficult, and they were suffering so much that they were looking to tie themselves to something greater than themselves, to be part of something beyond their lives. And gospel music allowed them to do that. To tap into something supernatural.

“Also, more directly, ‘Gamefighter’ deals with that same spirit of rock ‘n’ roll and rebellion through the story of a boxer. I’ve always loved the boxer as a metaphor for life. We step into the ring with our battles—sometimes we face ourselves, sometimes the outside world. It’s a challenge, a dance we do. And sometimes you get knocked down, and then you get back up. It can be graceful in a way. Beautiful. The struggle.”

Presave the single here. 

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