Last weekend I was talking with a friend out in California and she was telling me about how bad the fires have been these last few weeks and how thankful she was that things are finally feeling back under control. And then she dropped a kicker, “… and it’s not even fire season yet!” It’s terrifying to think that things could get worse, but you know, 2020 (knock on wood [that is hopefully not on fire]).

The easy on the eyes, pogo-ready punkers in Raptors are anything but neanderthals when it comes to grasping the dire situation in their neck of the quickly ashing woods. In fact, their latest single and video is a commentary of the climate crisis and constant forest fires currently engulfing the Golden State.

Check out the video for “Jurassic California” directed by Todd Huber below:

“Jurassic California” is off of Raptor’s forthcoming album of the same name, slated for release sometime in 2021.

As the band explains: “‘Jurassic California’ is at the heart of what this whole record is about. It’s an honest snapshot of real day to day life as we know it now. This single is an anthem for us and our fellow Californians. We are the mosquitoes trapped in the amber of recurring wildfires, unemployment, homelessness and traffic jams. ‘Still we’re dying to live here.'”

Here’s hoping you and I and the Raptors don’t go extinct before the band can drop their 2021 album. Stay tuned to New Noise for further updates (god willing)!

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