Video Premiere: Rauli V – ‘Bonnie & Clyde’

Fueled by his Afro-Latino heritage, Rauli V’s compositions navigate multiple genres colliding rock n’ roll chaos with pop culture. The singer-songwriter takes the O.G. ride-or-die couple as the namesake inspiration for his new single.

Watch the video for Rauli V’s emo heartbreak anthem “Bonnie & Clyde” below:

This ear-worm of a heartbreak anthem is about the love that you thought would be by your side until the very end, but unexpectedly abandons you, leaving your whole world crushed and defeated. The angst felt is perfectly portrayed throughout the single as heard in Rauli V’s emotional vocal range.

Although Rauli V was born in NYC, his journey with music began in Santo Domingo (DR) and continued on in the Baltimore/DC area, specifically PG County. In a live setting, Rauli V is known for his disruptive stage presence, huge belting vocals and infectious passion on/off stage, which led him to take matters into his own hands to remind the world that Dominican’s can headbang too.

On the release of his latest single, Rauli V states:

“‘Bonnie & Clyde’ brings the energy booster you need hidden behind your teen angst. This sad emo anthem hits on that mood after coping with loss where everything reminds you of the person you’ve just lost. It has simple riffs, energetic drums and packs a punch at the end.

The intro of this song was the first riff I played that started this entire project. I still remember the chills I felt the first time I sang the hook over that guitar riff. I wrote this song thinking about how it would make me feel alive, which is why once it starts the energy never falls.”

Stream “Bonnie & Clyde” here.

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