New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the exclusive music video premiere for “Affective Forecasting” by RDTK. The acronym for the band is who makes up the creative intellect, Ricardo Donoso & Thiago Kochenborger. The song being premiered today is a spaced out, hypnotic tune that rides the wavelengths of industrial experimentalism in music. The track has a haunting atmosphere bridged together with incredible vocal melodies that cut through the ambiance. The song is off of the upcoming record, Human Resources, out via Denovali Records on June 29th.

“Affective forecasting is predicting how you will feel in the future. Humans are terrible at it. This song is about the importance of seeing the bigger picture: After you have solved the first face of a Rubik’s cube, you need to jumble and mess it up again if you intend to solve the cube in its entirety.

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Human Resources, releasing on 29th June via Denovali Records, marks the first official album by two friends playing together since the age of twelve, separated by oceans and time, attempting to reconnect with the same collaborative, exploratory and enthusiastic spirit that they felt fifteen years prior.

Under the alias RDTK, the roots of the collaboration were planted fifteen years ago in a small one-bedroom apartment in Rio de Janeiro as an outlet for two seventeen year olds to learn and abuse the intricacies of electronic production, composition and home recording. Its initial roots remain intact: combining a hybrid of traditional rock instrumentation and arrangements with electronic programming, sound design and an intricate and sophisticated production style.



This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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