We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Rebuilder’s new music video for their song “Le Grande Fromage” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s sophomore release Rock & Roll In America, available through Panic State Records.

Vocalist Sal Medrano comments on the video:

“On one of our first tours as a band, we played Atlantic City, New Jersey at a venue called Le Grand Fromage. It was a pretty awful show for a number of reasons. The promoter went to another show in town rather than this one; they tried polling the door, and the local opener was a jam funk band from Virginia that left right after they played. No one was there to even witness it other than The Record Collection who was on tour with us. Our set was also a disaster and Daniel almost quit the band. He wrote this song because at that moment he wanted to be anywhere but New Jersey.

In actuality, all of our Jersey shows after that have been great and we signed to Panic State Records based out of Jersey.

We went back to Jersey to shoot this video and try to recapture how much it sucked, but you definitely had to be there to really know.”

The music video was Justin Brooks, with illustrations handled by Brian Butler.

Rebuilder is about to embark on a U.S. tour next month with The Penske File. Check out the tour dates below.

Rebuilder Tour Dates:

May 6 Peabody’s Virginia Beach VA w/ Pennywise and Bigwig
May 18 DR’s Tavern Syracuse NY
May 19 Club Absinthe Hamilton ON, CA
May 21 TRSH Bar Pouzza Fest Montreal QC
May 21 Radio Bean Burlington VT (not a typo, 2 shows 1 day)
June 1 O’Briens Allston MA ^
June 2 The Grand Victory Brooklyn NY ^
June 3 Kung Fu Necktie Philly PA w/ Mikey Erg ^
June 4 The Hook Up Virginia Beach, VA ^
June 5 HBGB Brunswick GA ^
June 6 Loosey’s Gainesville, FL ^
June 7 Will’s Pub Orlando FL ^
June 8 The Drunken Unicorn Atlanta GA^
June 9 The Glass Menage Nashville TN ^
June 10 Da Vida House Cincinnati Ohio ^
June 11 The Black Forge Pittsburgh PA ^
June 12 The Anchor Bend Asbury, NJ with Sammy Kay (Free Show) “Not a “BIG PUNK ROCK FEST” Pre-Show Pre-Show”

^ with The Penske File


Rebuilder - The Penske File East Coast Tour 2016


  1. I remember that place. We didn’t have a promoter there, either. In fact, we didn’t even have a PA there waiting for us. Luckily we had enough equipment between the 3 bands on the bill to put together something for our vocals. There might have been 5 or 6 patrons at the “bar”, not counting the one we witnessed outside pick up a hooker.

    That was 2007. Good times.

  2. Awww- sorry Jersey wasnt nice to you- HEY I KNOW-
    You played to an empty room?
    Was it a wednesday night or something; was it in January? Yeah cuz no one goes there on Wednesday Nights, we all have jobs… maybe don’t book a show for a wednesday in wintertime…OR MAYBE- you’re not that special and you can’t draw a crowd- because nobody has ever heard of you in Jersey- in general , you’d do well to remember you’re a pub band and perhaps get over yourselves…
    Promoters are busy sometimes so they might book different shows in different venues, but your interests are always covered by the staff….
    I KNOW and LOVE the people who run the shows and the Fromage- and they’re good business people and friends I can tell you there’s ALWAYS someone representing the promoters and someone always maintaining order for the bands and customers alike and protecting their interests…
    As far as the sound systems go, THERE ARE 2 PA systems there- one upstairs, one downstairs- if you couldnt find it, then you didn’t really look hard enough.

    Sorry your dream was shattered by one night in Jersey to the point you had to specifically call out a venue and make a video- which I didnt and won’t bother watching.

    Have fun Rebuilding you wankers

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