New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the video premiere of “Last Call” by Reuther. The song is charged with with pulsing drums that snap into place immediately and never stop. The guitars follow with quick tempo’d chord progressions as vocals streamline overtop. The music video shows friends having a wonderful time in a house, without any cares and enjoying their time. The song feels like a quick fresh of warmer months to come. The song is off of Reuther’s first full length release, Like a Ghost​, is due out April 27th 2018 on digital and vinyl via Get Party Records and Too Hype Music.

“When this song came together I was really depressed, and was desperately trying to not be. I started questioning all aspects of my life. The lyrics reflect that time period and the feeling of all your eggs being in one basket per se as you try to find your way.” – Jim VanHavermaat (Vocals / Guitar)

Pre-Order Like A Ghost here.

Hailing from Detroit, ​Reuther ​is a band that rose from the ashes of the former projects of the founding members Jim VanHavermaat and Daniel Stover. Having spent years touring the US with their former band, Forty Lashes, they ultimately wanted to continue the excitement and energy that reckless touring afforded them. Their initial vision was to allow their penchant for catchy, poppy and infectious tunes guide them while obtaining inspiration from their favorite bands ​The Loved Ones,​​The Flatliners ​and ​The Swellers​. This combination of pop sensibilities and powerful melodies has been building ​Reuther​’s name since their inception in 2013.

Having learned some lessons and earned some bruises along the way, ​Reuther​ is ready and willing to show how animated and vivacious Detroit Pop-Punk can be. All they ask is for a chance to blow you away and you will be begging for more.

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This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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