Video Premiere: Rita Tekeyan – ‘Devil’s OB’

Following her album debut, 2015’s Manifesto Anti-War, Lebanese-born Armenian musician, singer, and performing artist Rita Tekeyan is back with her sophomore full-length follow-up, Green Line, available April 24 through Seahorse Recordings.

New Noise are proud to premiere the video for Tekeyan’s newest single, “Devil’s OB” below:

Green Line is dedicated to Beirut, Tekeyan’s native city. ‘Green Line’ was the green linear area on Beirut’s map during the civil war, dividing Beirut by East and West, and it was one of the most dangerous and devastated areas of Beirut.

Tekeyan’s album is part of the project which focuses on war stories and details, events that are unknown to most people, events that no radio or television program would talk about, events insignificant to the regular eye but huge in the eyes of a child.

Green Line is a musical project where whispers and silence are as essential as screams. Pieces of memories are put together in a new order, a new dimension, the music dimension, the words dimension; a reconstruction of space and time through music and words, inspired by Deconstructivism and the “Poetics of Space” of French philosopher Gaston Bachelard.

“Devil’s OB” is a song about internal conflicts, obsession, desperation, and madness. The images of Beirut in the Green Line album booklet were taken by Rita Tekeyan in post-war Beirut in 2016, in various locations of the Green Line area, as she searched for the hidden traces of war and the deep scars that will never be erased.

Stream “Devil’s OB” here.

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