Roadkiller, the Philadelphia-based speed rock machine, is currently wrapping up their new album set for a summer release and has debuted the video for “Pick of the Litter” to be the first of five video releases leading up to the album drop. Phil (guitars/vocals) recruits Turbonegro drummer, Tommy Akerholdt, for the battery on this track and gives us a bullet point introduction to her band and Roadkiller’s current state of affairs.

Name and occupation?
Hey, I’m Phil, the guitarist/vocalist/writer for Roadkiller and guitarist for the all-girl Motorhead tribute band, Motorbabe.

Who and what put the idea of being a musician in your head and when did you make this a realization for yourself?
When I was a teenager, about 14 or so, I started getting into fast, hard, and exciting music. Local bands inspired me, and I loved reading street press music magazines. The idea of releasing records seemed to me like a productive use of time, even though I wasn’t playing in bands yet. I suppose it was something about the idea of releasing an album meant a piece of you would live forever, like having a kid. I first got involved with punk rock, which led me down the heavy path towards AC/DC, The Exploited, and eventually metal.

Talk about Roadkiller’s origins. How did you want this project to be different from your other bands?
Roadkiller started when I took a trip to the East Coast and had a random jam with some Philly musicians. I dug the rawness of the scene there and decided to pursue it. I wanted Roadkiller to be heavier and more metal punk.

How are you keeping the band busy during the Pandemic?
Fortunately, I had the full-length record called Pick of the Litter to work on during this whole period. I took my time tracking, mixing, and working on all the other aspects that come with releasing a record. The first single should be coming out by the end of this month, followed by a new single each month, up until about spring or summer, when I plan to launch the whole thing. And aside from that, as lame as it sounds, lots of online shows. Which, of course, are nothing like the real thing but are better than nothing. I enjoy still being able to interact with an audience despite it all being online.

What are Roadkiller’s post-pandemic plans?
Like every other musician out there, I am chomping at the bit to play live. Of course, I’d love to tour the record, but I know that’s going to be a long way off. Safety of the community comes first.

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