Video Premiere: RODERIK – ‘American Dream’

RODERIK, formed during the early stages of the COVID-19, are sharing their new music video for the track, “American Dream.”

The band’s name derived from Edgar Allan Poe’s The Fall of the House of Usher, and the band fittingly aim to combine musical elements with visual representation, showcasing the darkness and honesty in Jake Anthony Salazar’s lyrics, stemming from his own life experience and ongoing battle with depression. RODERIK also includes guitarist Jay T. Sutherland, bassist David P.K., and drummer Danny Nugent.

Their influences stem from post-hardcore, though listeners will often find elements of pop, hip-hop, and R&B in the midst of their tracks. Their visuals take influence from the dark side of cinematography and literature, pairing with the Poe reference that named the band.

According to a quote from the band, “‘American Dream’ is one of those songs as a writer, you always hope you’ll write. It came together so fast and so effortlessly, I knew it had to be one of the first songs we released. What makes ‘American Dream’ so special to me, is it really goes against everything we’ve put out to date. While we consistently aim to be creating and releasing new and unique songs, I really feel like this song throws what people know about RODERIK on its head- which is probably one of my favorite things about releasing this song as our third single.”

Watch the video for “American Dream” here:

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Photo courtesy of RODERIK

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