On September 18, Louisiana mathcore duo Rogue will release their forthcoming EP Aeon independently and through Bandcamp.

If you’re like us, then you love some supercharged, progressive mathcore to help you kick ass and beast mode throughout the day. That’s why we’re stoked to premiere Rogue’s video for the single “Ouro” for you today! Check it out below:

If you liked the tastes of “Ouro”? Then you are in luck! We have a full, track-by-track break down of Rogue’s new EP from members Jansen and Jeffery for you to savor below.

  1. Ouro” – “’Ouro’ prepares the listener for what is to come and summarizes the over all meaning of the record. It is a final cry for strength from those who have come beforeus as our world approaches a breaking point.” -Jansen
  2. Sapien” – “’Sapien’ is the first track we wrote for Aeon, and was the most collaborative track of the entire writing process. With it, we wanted to right the wrongs of what we felt like were our weaknesses on Anomaly. In writing it, stumbling upon the use of the vocoder in the second verse is what really drove what would become some of the overarching themes of the record.” -Jeffrey
  3. Archetype” – “’Archetype’ is a song I’ve been wanting to write for years to show how our minds will make up a false sense of security and how that security can either inspire hope or cause destruction. This song also introduces the idea of an existence of a ‘code’ of good and evil trying to balance itself out in nature.” -Jansen
  4. Vessel” – “’Vessel’ was a song that came together in the studio in a matter of hours. We wanted this record to have a short and sweet song that signified how direct and aggressive our approach to this record was, and once we stumbled upon the intro riff, Vessel basically wrote itself. In typical Rogue fashion, it naturally ran into what would become Ethos and makes the record feel much more cohesive in my opinion.” –Jeffrey
  5. Ethos” – “Ethos is about how a small group of the world’s population carries out their own agendas despite what is best for society. Through two-party systems, religion, and other divisive tactics, this group polarizes our species in a way that the common man will never know they exist. We are often too busy fighting amongst each other to peek behind the curtain.” -Jansen
  6. Aeon” – “’Aeon-meaning “life’ or ‘vital force’ represents leaving behind the physical. As the title track of the record, it goes through the transformative process of stripping away a person’s humanity, leaving behind nothing but the true nature of my soul. As the closing track of the record, it prepares the listener for the next chapter of Rogue.” -Janse

Preorder Aeon here.


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