Video Premiere: SAEROS – “Sorry”

New Noise is levitating today thanks to the ambient rock provided by SAEROS. Below is the exclusive music video premiere of their song “Sorry.” The song is an ethereal sonic projection of dealing with loss, gradually growing in tension and build with elegance. The guitars feature a spacey tone, with the leads soaring through the rhythm, much like trying to breathe while feeling suffocated by anxiety or depression. The vocal delivery is emotionally driven, guiding the song with its smooth yet powerful embrace. This is definitely a song worth hearing for relaxation or within a relatable search for serenity.

“This song and video are both highly representative of an artistic outlet I’ve been craving for years as a musician. It is a vulnerable, authentic, and brutally honest perspective on loss of friendships/relationships I desperately needed at a very dark time in my life. It was devastating, but it was a part of my growth. I’m thankful for the friends who helped bring this to life and in turn kept me going as a musician.” – Makenzie Kamal

Purchase “Sorry” here.

Saeros is an ambient indie rock band from Orlando, FL formed by Makenzie Kamal (singer/songwriter) as means for a truly authentic creative outlet alongside guitarist Kaylie Sang and bassist Robert Talon. In their first year as a band, they have shared the stage with Tides of Man, Strawberry Girls, and Comrades as well as toured with South Florida favorites Lavola and Ghost Cat. With music that has been compared to deep sea dark lullabies, Saeros brings a breath of fresh air to the underground music scene and they plan to stay inspired and true a sound that is vulnerable and genuine but still strong and empowering.


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