We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Saint Apache’s music video for their new single “Wolf Machine” (watch it below). Saint Apache vocalist Thom Meredith comments on the song:

‘Wolf Machine’ is based on corruption and the manipulation of governments, and the parts the politicians and world leaders play. We wanted to try and portray that using a game of poker. Gambling our freedom, and rights for profit and status. The fire that surrounds the band represents the state of the world at the moment. It just doesn’t seem to stop growing! Our influence behind writing this is that we are living in a world where it seems money is more important than life, profit more important than health, and power more important than helping change things for the better. We wanted to send a strong message with this video (and the song) and we feel we can achieve that.

Brit heavy alt-rockers Saint Apache continue their assault on the UK with the release of their new single “Wolf Machine.”

Drawing inspiration from an array of areas, but fundamentally reared on the grit of Every Time I Die, the attitude of Gallows, and the political potency of Rage Against The Machine, Saint Apache spit out edgy magnetic rhythms, monolithic guitar riffs, and buoyant energy that will leave you dead on your feet.

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