This may be a little TMI, but I definitely can feel the effects of the larger meal the week of Thanksgiving almost immediately. As soon as I move from my normal diet to a holiday diet I feel heavier, more lethargic, and generally, less in shape. This is true broadly this time of year, but specifically this week in November. I’m already feeling sluggish and then you throw some cranberries, gravy and a quarter pound of turkey on top and it’s good night Irene! I basically become narcoleptic, going in and out of consciousness, rousing only enough to eat another slice of pie before relapsing back into the stupefaction of food-induced hibernation. After telling you all this, the last thing you’d expect a big lazy bear like me to do on the day after Thanksgiving is to go on a hike, but that’s usually what I end up doing. A walk through nature in a remote area usually helps me shake off the weight of slumber (and burn off some of those extra calories as well!) And this year, I’ll be taking a new album with me to soundtrack my trek. That album is Šamane’s new self-titled, released on Last Day Of The North last Friday.

Finnish traditional folk artist and experimental rock musician Šamane draws influence for her music from the literal ground she walks on and the connection it brings her to her ancestors and kin. Her music is reminiscent of Björk, if Björk had any genuine appeal to metal fans. Šamane just released a video for her song “Aurinko Tähdet Kuu” and we are premiering it below:

When you’ve found your way back from the wandering journey through the dark and mystic woods that Šamane has led you on, you can check out this quote from her about the conception of the song and its overlap with the themes of the video:

“Every song has its own identity which I try to bring out. Identity can be for example a feeling or a scenery – something what an artist reflects into soundscapes or lyrics. The video for “Aurinko tähdet kuu” got it’s inspiration from Finnish bird folklore.”

You can get a hard copy of Šamane’s self-titled album here.


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