SARS are a six-piece metal group from Turku, Finland that combine a fresh mixture of hardcore, death metal, and other genres.

SARS took its first breaths during the summer of 2016 by Sami Leinonen and Timo Heikkilä, but things took off when they introduced the idea of SARS to Juuso Linsamo in 2019.

After roughly a year of brewing ideas the band started to shape its form and was ready to find a vocalist. Thanks to the modern world and its benefits, SARS crossed paths with Antti Honkanen, a hidden gem located in Oulu, northern Finland. One trip from Oulu to Turku was enough to determine that SARS had finally found their voice and was ready to hit the studio in the summer of 2020.

The guys contacted Keijo Niinimaa, a familiar face and a household name in the Finnish metal scene, to produce and engineer their first songs. During the sessions Keijos contributions for the sound of SARS became so obvious that he was asked to join the band as a second voice. After these sessions, SARS teamed up with Vilho Laaksonen who joined the band as a bass player.

Now that SARS have shaped their form, it is time to spread the sickness and release the music video for the first single, titled “In Blood and Burn,” which will be released in all major digital platforms on December 15.

Stay tuned, in 2021 SARS is ready to hit the stages and release even more new music and in the meantime check out our premiere of SARS video for their song “In Blood and Burn” below:

Photo courtesy of SARS.

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