“Decision” is the latest track from Satori and Dr. Echo, out May 22 on the record Dub Defender Sessions via Anicca Records.

“The Decision video was shot in Sacramento, California all the way back in 2007, I believe?,” says Steven Jess Borth II. “It was the first-ever video that I was involved with in front of a green screen, and I thought the whole process was super interesting.  Ryan Todd is a friend who has worked with me quite a bit, and this was my second music video with him. I remember he used a RED camera and being really impressed at how clear everything turned out on screen.
“A section of the video, we shot in double time so Ryan could go back later and use a slow motion effect, and my lips would then be in time with the music.
“I am always amazed at Ryan’s work, and I am glad that this video actually will see the light of day because I honestly never thought that anyone besides us would get a chance to watch it.”
Steven Jess Borth II created Satori in 2005, as a side project from Rx Bandits to showcase his own songwriting and reggae influences. The band’s debut LP, Savor Every Moment,was released on Asian Man Records and served as a very promising stepping stone for what Borth had to offer. Following the release, Borth enlisted Justin DeHart, aka Dr. Echo, as a live sound engineer to fill out the sound of the trio and reflect the growing dub direction of the project.
This would eventually evolve into the more experimental project CHLLNGR, which is a collaborative effort between Steven Jess Borth II and Justin DeHart. However, in the time between shifting focus from Satori to CHLLNGR, Steven Jess Borth II, Justin DeHart, and a cast of very talented musicians recorded a batch of songs that were lost in time. These tracks were salvaged and now make up the album titled Dub Defender Sessions.

Both originally from Sacramento, CA, Borth currently resides in Copenhagen, Denmark and DeHart in Christchurch, New Zealand. Bonded by a love for dub music and sonic exploration, Borth contributes his compositions, sax, synth, and vocal performances while Dr. Echo transforms the tunes with his dub mixing.

The Dub Defender Sessions album is a nod to late-’70s steppers and ’80s rockers dub style. These are session-based, old-school, reggae rhythms with synths and electronic augmentation. Featuring guest performances by current and ex members of Rx Bandits, Link 80, Bruce Springsteen, The Exit, Hepcat, The Toasters, Westbound Train, and The English Beat this collection of songs is dub time capsule finally getting its moment to shine.

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