Happy Friday! New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the music video premiere of “Andromeda” by Satyr. The band is comprised of 15-16 year olds who jam post-hardcore with amazing finesse and technical drive. The group can ride through progressions with a swift burst of energy, with flowing syncopation that makes each section jump out of the mix. “Andromeda” is off of the band’s recent EP, Neutrino!. The music video showcases the band playing the song in full, demonstrating their prowess and attention to detail.

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Satyr, a name that means nothing, is a progressive post-hardcore outfit from Atlanta, Georgia.

Satyr started as a bedroom project from the collaboration of Michael Campbell and Jack Tennant in a Georgia State dorm. After months of of constant shows, all while battling lineup changes, Satyr solidified into a ferocious four piece post-hardcore band filled to the brim with valor and honor. These bad boys try to stay as active in the scene as possible, continuously writing songs, playing shows, and releasing content. Keep your eyes peeled.

Leading the pack is Michael “Soup” Campbell, a determined and ambitious guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter who will stop at nothing to charge Satyr into greatness.

On drums is the mighty Brody “Brody” Smith. He’s better than every drummer you know but maintains a calm and mild presence when off the kit.

Tapping on the bass is Calvin “Dolphin” Cox, an odd and mysterious fellow whose antics confuse his friends, bandmates, and family alike.

Lastly is Janald “JD” Long, an extremely talented guitarist and clean vocalist who glues the band together, both on and off stage.



This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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