Video Premiere: Scattered Storm – ‘Aeon Flux’

Hailing from El Paso, Texas, Scattered Storm are a state supergroup comprised of seasoned musicians Andre Acosta and Ed Razor from Pissing Razors fame, alongside band founders Jay Arriaga (No Life on Earth, Years of Cold) and Kevin Armstrong (Mondoshawan, Section 6). Their music is dark and futuristic with plenty of ambience to balance the heavy. The band’s debut EP, Oblivion, is out July 9 through via Blood Blast Distribution powered by Nuclear Blast.

New Noise are proud to premiere the video for “Aeon Flux” below:

Formed in 2019, the band has been polishing itself since and decided on an ultimate direction to go in. From the beginning, there was a very clear understanding of every detail they wanted to incorporate. From the very tuning of the seven/eight-string guitars and that very specific tonality, they produce the ambience provided by the keyboards to layers and layers of vocals to really convey Acosta’s sound. This is all finished off with the main focus, that catchy riff and rhythm to have the songs stay on people’s minds—and headbanging of course.

A Scattered Storm song begins with Arriaga and Armstrong exchanging riffs, with an emphasis on a technicality while never losing the groove. After the song is polished, it goes to Acosta who applies the fantastic to the real world through the vocals. When Scattered Storm hits the stage, the audience can expect a combination of the primal vs the futuristic.

On the track’s release and its accompanying video, the band states:

“‘Aeon Flux’ was the first song Kevin wrote and sent to Jay. The song lyrically focuses on a lot of fake friendships and backstabbing. The song musically is very percussive and has a very tribal feel all throughout. Its pulse is steady like the beating heart while there is all this chaos and aggression behind it.

Andre took that aggression very well and kept by growling continuously and not singing clean vocals. Again, the primal aspects continue up until the end where it is obvious with the tribal chants that the ending breakdown is about to destroy. This was done intentionally to kick ass live.”

Pre-order Oblivion here.

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