New Noise Magazine is happy to bring forth “Daydream,” the synth lathered new song from Seasurfer. While being a bit on the symphonic side of music, “Daydream” bleeds enough atmosphere to have listeners feel like they are floating through  a calm, meditative soundscape. What Seasurfer have created with this track is bring forth the elements of what a dream can sonically feel like; escapism from reality through reflective ambiance. Along with the single comes a music video, elegantly shot and continuing forth the idea that the song is a daydream come to life. “Daydream” is off of Seasurfer’s latest release, Under The Milky Way… Who Cares, released March 24th via Saint Marie Records.

“‘Daydream’ has the most dream-pop elements of any song on our new album. This track also has experimental vocals, which mix in its very own melody. Unquestionably a homage to our mentor and friend Robin Guthrie from the Cocteau Twins. A Seasurfer take on the Cocteau Twins….? The video shows pictures from the city in which we live from the perspective of Delphine, the daughter of our bassist. For us still the song is a perfect fitting to a daydream!”\

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