Video Premiere: Shy, Low – ‘The Beacon’

With their latest album, Snake Behind The Sun, out October 8 through Pelagic Records, Richmond four-piece Shy, Low have made an epic album brimming with creativity, groove, heaviness, and truly outstanding songwriting.

Watch the video for the band’s latest single, “The Beacon,” below:

Shy, Low are true masters of the exquisite craft of stark contrasts and broad dynamics, from delicate crescendos to the grandiose power of the riff … a craft that lies at the heart of every outstanding instrumental rock record.

Recorded, mixed, and produced at Vudu Studios in Long Island, New York by Mike Watts (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Glassjaw, Hopesfall, Tides Of Man), Snake Behind The Sun pulls from elements from previous eras of the band, but also pushes into new territory. The result is a slicker, more modern, layered three-dimensional sound.

The album’s title is a metaphor for the notion that darkness and negativity can remain hidden even among seemingly positive forces and positive beings in one’s life.

“While originally written separately from the rest of the album, The Beacon found its way onto the final track list to provide a thematic moment of peace and solace for the listener,” the band say. “We hope this song can be a reminder that, even when we’re at our most disconsolate, there will always be a guiding light from those we love the most.“

On the process of creating the album, guitarist Zak Bryant states:

“The recipe for achieving that began with a lot of pre-production on our end. We demoed the entire record at home prior to entering the studio, reworking some songs several times before calling them done. From there, it was Mike [Watts]. After hearing his work with bands like O’Brother, Lume, Glassjaw, and others, we grew very fond of the drum sounds he got, and his ear for overall mix balance and production.”

Preorder Snake Behind the Sun here.

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