NYC-based heavy prog group Signals Of Bedlam return with furiously-angry new single “Take The Crown”. A track that sporadically and frantically shifts restlessly throughout its four minutes and forty seconds.

You can check out New Noise‘s video premiere of Signals Of Bedlam’s “Take The Crown” below:

“Take The Crown” is the first song released from Signals Of Bedlam’s Liar’s Intuition LP, which is set for a February 2021 release.

The album serving as a focus piece on deception. Cartero explains, “This record was written in a time when truths that were once considered immutable, like equality and justice, suddenly came into question. On the surface, it looks like a natural result of opposing forces clashing, but when you peel back the layers, you start to see that this collective confusion, ‘the great confounding’, is the product of deliberate deception.”

“Take The Crown” sets the stage for Liar’s Intuition in stark fashion; delivering a scathing dispatch against, as Cartero says, “the corrupt, calculating, and unscrupulous groups that utilize or manufacture crises to create new dynasties in the power structure.”

On the new animated video, bassist Chika Obiora says the following:

“The working title of this song was called Nightrider; our misspelling of the David Hasselhoff show, Knight Rider. The first versions of that riff that we jammed out in practice one day had a humming 80s cyberpunk-esque feel to us and that visual stuck with me.” She adds, “I think it also arose from a video concept we were kicking around while we were somewhere early in the recording process. We were considering a video where the protagonist was a game character battling his way through a series of bosses, Super Mario style. That stuck with me, leading me to do something that was abstractly video-game-like and 80s/retro, where we are leveling up to that final boss, and “taking the crown” as it were…”

Photo by Signals Of Bedlam.


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