If you’re a little sick of the holiday season, the dark humor of Slark Moan’s new video for “She’s My Motivation” coming out via Slough Water may just cheer you up.

On December 20, the band will officially release this single that celebrates the value of intimate relationships over material possessions.

As a tongue-in-cheek reproach to the upcoming season of overconsumption, the video for ‘She’s My Motivation’ is set amidst an absurdist holiday party.  Frontman Mark Sloan sings to a room full of guests dressed as Santa Claus who merrily trash the festivities as they fight over gifts.

Like most musicians, Sloan found himself with large amounts of expensive, specialized gear for his music career. “It’s easy to unconsciously collect instruments, pedals, and equipment under the justification that they are needed. When recording my most recent record, Superstition for the Consumer Romantic, I decided to sell most of my stuff to help pay for the release. In a time when society’s overconsumption is inflicting irreparable harm on our planet, this song navigates the cognitive dissonance I felt as I audited my possessions against my beliefs on minimalism and its impact on art and sustainability.”

Check out the song on Spotify after December 20. 


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