Slomo Sapien’s video for “Be Gone Ye Demon,” out March 20 via their new record, Cabin Fever Dreams, is a mix of evil psychedelia and ’90s, rom-com realness.

Like a bad, ’90s rom-com, this one starts with a boy following a girl to the other side of the world. In this specific instance, it starts with lead singer and guitarist Ceallaigh Manaaki following a girl from Australia (he’s from New Zealand though, do not get them mixed up) to Philadelphia.

If you believe in horoscopes, ghosts, and fairy tales you might think it was destiny that Ceallaigh was to meet Greg Geiger (bass) and Jon Pritchard (drums) within his first week in Philadelphia. Slomo Sapiens came thumping and crashing into existence the very next week. Since then, Slomo’s succession has been swift and unforgiving. After the release of their debut EP, Hot Milk, Slomo Sapiens have shared stages with Bass Drum of Death, Night Beats, and many other bands across the country on their Ketchup Tour and in Vermont at WAKING WINDOWS FESTIVAL.

Now, with the release of their debut album Cabin Fever Dreams, we see Slomo Sapiens evolve from a three-eyed garage-goblin to a five-headed psych-serpent with Mike Sanzo (The Dawn Drapes) jumping in on guitar and percussion and Ciaran Wall (Lady HD) holding down the keys.

Cabin Fever Dreams is a concept album about a character isolated and trapped in a cabin located on the border of ‘Sanity’ and ‘Lala land’ deep in the uncharted back-woods of the mind. The album explores the causes and effects of losing one’s mind through the sounds of fuzzed-out guitar, snarling vocals, and ’60s psychedelia. Join us in celebrating the release on March 20.

Preorder the album here. 


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