Underground avant-garde hip-hop virtuoso, visual artist, and author Slug Christ has returned with the fourth single from his latest full-length album, Plant Mentality III, out now through Blackhouse Records Ltd.

Watch the video for “Horribly Wrong” below:

“Horribly Wrong (Welcome to Plant Mentality 3),” the inaugural track from the new album, reflects on keeping a PMA outlook in some dark and foreboding times.

Led from a bass-heavy trap beat into a dreamy ambient soundscape in the second half of the song, director Hightosis works in a barrage of pseudo-psychedelic visuals all throughout the video, tying the overall vibe together perfectly.

“Horribly Wrong” was Directed and filmed by Hightosis (TeamSESH, Tyrus Creek, HTTPghost, Hemlig), and will see the video hosted by Slug Christ’s newly revived YouTube channel.

On the track’s release, Slug Christ states:

“’Horribly Wrong’ was the last song created for plant mentality 3. I wanted to start the album with something that was bite-sized and palatable yet signaling what was to come in the rest of the album. The first half is an upbeat, melodic manifesto of the plant mentality as well as a little bit of a critique of modern humanity. Ushered in with a tempo drop, the second half is a soundscape layered with lush, organic noises and heavily processed, ethereal vocals designed to foreshadow the experimentation prevalent through the album.”

Stream Plant Mentality III here, and purchase physical copies here.

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