Video Premiere: Snakeskin – “Limbless”

New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the slamming single “Limbless” from Snakeskin. The track is an overdriven, guitar heavy tune with plenty of chords to stuff the mix with melodies. The vocals glide over top, riding through a seven minute slow burn of fiery riffs. The video has its own beautiful style to it, giving the tune a unique visual aesthetic. The song is off of their record Hangnail, released via State Champion Records.

“The ‘Limbless’ music video was made in Microsoft PowerPoint, using a combination of built-in animations and shapes, hand-drawn art, GIFs, WordArt, and video. The animations and graphics in the presentation reframe what software can do and who it’s for. The use of PowerPoint, a tool designed for corporate executives, has a weird capacity to be rebellious, nostalgic, and intimate. I think that speaks to the power of Snakeskin’s music, which meshes lo-fi DIY with the poetry of small details and intimate moments.” – William Bottini, video director

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Snakeskin, the recording project of Snake (aka Shanna Polley), has existed in some form or another since 2007, when Snake began releasing home recordings on bandcamp and soundcloud. These days, you can catch Snakeskin as a 4 piece out of Brooklyn, NY playing songs from the full catalog and writing new material. On 2018’s Hangnail, Snake has taken 6 songs that she wrote throughout her high school years — 2010 to 2014 — and given them the full studio treatment with the help of engineer and fellow musician, James Meder.

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