Oxnard, CA’s Nardcore stalwarts Stalag 13 are releasing their new album, Fill In The Silence, in February via Puke N Vomit and Plain Disguise. Today, we’re premiering the first single from it, “Black Stix”.

Since 1980, the band have been one of the “Big 4” Nardcore bands, amongst Ill Repute, Agression, and Dr. Know. They’ve played all over the East Coast, and the world, rocking everywhere from Rebellion Festival and Punk Rock Bowling to squats in Germany and back yards in East LA. 

The band have this to say about the new single:

“Black Stix” is the first digital single off of Stalag 13’s first new record in 36 years entitled Fill In The Silence. It’s an update on our classic Anti-Police Brutality song. We have a Policing problem, anyone with eyes can see that. It’s been happening since way before this song was written back in ’83, and it just seems to be getting worse. At least now, it’s more in the open, getting way more attention. Please continue to film it, fight it, & protest it. We stand with you! 

“Black Stix” is out on November 27, but you can check out our premiere of the lyric video below!

While you’re waiting for pre-orders for the album to drop, why not follow the band on Instagram here and keep an eye out for more new tracks on Bandcamp here.

Image courtesy of Stalag 13.


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