Video Premiere: Stereotyped – ‘The Road’

Hailing from Manchester, England, “BritGrunge” rockers Stereotyped are set to carry on the great musical legacy brought forth from their home city that gave the world The Buzzcocks, Joy Division, The Smiths, Oasis, and many more. The band’s second single, “The Road,” is out now through Grunge Pop Records.

Watch the video for “The Road” below:

Because of their attitude, their sound, and the pure potential for them to break out and connect to the disaffected youth, “Nirvana meets Oasis” is the best way to describe the four teenagers who play in Stereotyped.

Young, full of angst, and ready to rip rock and roll from the ground up, Stereotyped have loud distorted guitars perfectly soaring over aggressive Pop melodies with lyrics that are direct and to the point.

The band have signed a multi-album deal with emerging label Grunge Pop Records and are currently finishing up their debut album with producer Chris Hope at Milkshed Studios in Lancashire, England.

On the track’s release, singer/guitarist Spencer McCall states:

“‘The Road’ is one of my favorite songs personally. It’s very different from our first release, ‘The Only One,’ which is very emotional, but this new one has more of an upbeat, Sum 41, pop-punk vibe, with the lyrics convicting this, as they are about a girl who wants to leave someone because they’re being treated badly.”

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