Steven Bradley’s debut album is an 11-track power-pop gem entitled Summer Bliss and Autumn Tears, released on the label he has masterminded since 1997, Porterhouse Records.

Now, exclusive to New Noise, Bradley releases his debut music video for the album’s title track.

“When I was a child the event that marked the transition from summer to fall was the arrival of the fair,” Bradley says. “The midway and the rides, the clowns and the concerts were all a harbinger for a return to school and the end of play and summer’s celebrations.”

“The song ‘Summer Bliss and Autumn Tears’ is an attempt to capture the feeling of time and opportunity slipping away from us,” he continues. “Joining me on the tune is lead guitarist Angelo ‘Scrote’ Bundini and keyboardist Lou Dawson, who plays piano.”

“The song is on the bashy side and I tried to play it as Neil Young and Crazy Horse circa ‘Ragged Glory’ might have. Scrote does that thing where he’s inside and outside at the same time and I definitely tip my hat to Bob Mould and Sugar with those big open snare rolls!”

“I hope you enjoy the song and thanks for listening!”

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