Strange Breed is a 4 piece, all queer, all-female alternative rock band doing their thing up in Vancouver, BC. And you know what? If you’re a fan of 90’s alt. rock in the vein of Sleater-Kinney, Veruca Salt, Bikini Kill, and Hole, and can get down with a modern rock edge, then you should give New Noise’s premiere of Strange Breed’s new song and video “Reputation” below. It is recommended that you read their statement before viewing.

On this occasion, Strange Breed has provided the following statement on their video and it’s context. You can read it below:

“When it came to planning out the video for ‘Reputation,’ we knew that we’d be treading delicate territory, really no matter how the content played out. The song is about date r*pe and abuse of power, so it’s hard to avoid actually putting those themes into the visuals. And that said, we as a band never want to avoid any uncomfortable subjects anyways. This is important. 

The whole idea started with, of all things – an MRI that I had earlier in the year. When I received the images back, I was absolutely blown away at how detailed this extremely intimate view of my body was. I showed basically everyone and they all thought it was just as cool as I did. We kind of made the connection of these images and the line in “Reputation” – “It’s my body, don’t remind me”. We just kind of thought that using these images to intersperse in the video would not only create a really cool, abstract effect but also drive home the metaphor of being intimately exploited. We worked with our friends at Section 4 Films (who did our videos for Closer & 25, as well as all of the promotional videos for Reputation) to create this video, and they helped us seamlessly piece together this visual aid to the song, which we all really feel elevates the listening experience by digging just a little deeper past the viewers comfort zone, and driving home the underlying message.

On that note however, rather than bringing in any actors, we used only ourselves to ensure we avoided putting any other individuals in situations where they felt uncomfortable or triggered by the content. Even though it contains depictions of violence and gore, we feel that it is extremely appropriate for the subject matter of the song, and to an extent, the images of our extremely fake-looking severed head provide some much needed comedic relief, however morbid it still may be. The key takeaway for viewers is – please be strongly advised of the content of this video, and please do not watch it if you are in a vulnerable state or in a state of recovery. Additionally, this video is not meant to act as exploitative footage from a voyeur’s perspective; we truly feel that it actually pulls the viewer into the perspective of the subjects themselves for a better understanding of the survivor’s experience, one that many can relate to.”

Photo by Strange Breed.

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