LA-based power-emo poppers Stretched are premiering their video for a new song of theirs called “Elucidated” with your pals at New Noise. It will appear on a self-funded, self-released EP of the same name. The record is a follow-up to their debut 2019 demo Idea of You and is set to drop October 16, which… *checks notes* OH MY GOD THAT’S TODAY!

Check out the video for “Elucidated” below:

The music video for Elucidated is, as the band says, all about the “feel good” vibes and nostalgia from start to finish and is is aimed at giving the viewers a peek at the band’s true selves. 

When asked about their other goals for the song and video, Stretched offered the following:

“Music you can maybe relate to. “


The debut EP (produced and engineered by Jon Yeston) packs a god damned wallop of ’90s grunge and early 2000s emo energy. Put more concisely, FFO: Jimmy Eat World, Title Fight, Joyce Manor, Movements, and Basement.

Photo courtesy of Stretched

Preorder Elucidated here.


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