Suck Brick Kid just released a new video from their latest record, Salt to Taste, out now on Smartpunk Records. Check out “How the West was Lost.”


“‘How the West was Lost’ is the first track on our new record and really sets the tone and theme for everything moving forward on it. We were fortunate that a ton of things fell into place, and we were able to head to an incredible ranch in Colorado with Joey Durango (director/cinematographer),” the band says. 
“We wanted to make a western-looking, narrative-driven video. Joey came up with a great concept and script that had a couple dark twists in it, and everyone jumped on board. None of us know shit about acting so it was super outside-the-box and really forced us to try something completely different here. The whole thing is just completely wild. We definitely never envisioned a bunch of punk dudes making a video like this.” 


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