Let Sun of the Dying’s “White Skies & Grey Lands” set the somber tone for your grey, winter weekend. The song is out now on their new record, The Earth Is Silent, via AOP Records.

“If The Earth Is Silent is in its entirety a monument to endings, “White Skies & Grey Lands” is the chapter dedicated to loss,” says David Munoz, keyboards and backing vocals. “It is a song born directly from the pain caused by the decease of a beloved person, from how absurd the rites related to death are.

“The video takes this pain and places it in the location where it was born: the barren and cold fields of Castile. It has been produced by the band, directed by David Muño,z and with the participation of Sara Juanes (cinematography), Roberto Millán (assistant director), and starring Sara San Román as Atropos, the Moira.”

Sun of the Dying are a Spanish doom/death band, with
roots in 90s music like My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, or Anathema but with a more updated sound. They started in 2013 s a side project and recorded their first record in 2015.

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