Video Premiere: Surfbort – ‘Happy Happy Halloween’

Every day is Halloween to Brooklyn’s very own punk sensations Surfbort. The band will release an extra special, extra ghostly and totally original Halloween song “Happy Happy Halloween” on October 21 in honor of the sinister festivities.

Watch the Linda Perry-directed video for “Happy Happy Halloween” below:

The song gives a gnarly twist on the Halloween songs of old: think Monster Mash but with the psyche of Freddy Kruger, name-checking their favorite goth idols Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Sisters of Mercy and Christian Death.

The video, shot and directed by Perry, features the band in vivacious costumes (bass guitarist Nick Arnold as Bob Ross is a must-see) and really shows the members in their unearthly element. It’s not hard to see why Surfbort owns Halloween.

The video is a special treat, coming out after their new raucously outrageous and much-anticipated album, Keep on Truckin’, which was released on October 11.

On the track’s release, vocalist Dani Miller states:

“Halloween is our favorite holiday and we celebrate it every day so we wanted to make an extra spooky song to celebrate the ghouls and ghosts.”

We came over to Greenleaf Studios to meet with Linda to cover a Halloween song and we came in with, ‘If You Have Ghosts’ by Rocky Erickson and ‘Riboflavin’ by 45 Grave, but Linda just started playing spooky Dracula noises on the keys and the rest is history. Happy Happy Halloween!”

Purchase and stream Keep on Truckin’ here.

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