Svetlanas’ new video for “All I See Is Red” is heavy and politically relevant. You can hear it on their new record Disco Sucks out March 13 via Demons Run Amok.

Exiled Soviet punks Svetlanas return, releasing what might be their watermark of raging hardcore punk catharsis and scathing, socio-political commentary. Disco Sucks will be released via Demons Run Amok Records (The Take, Raw Power) on March 13.

Fully-functioning as a DIY cooperative under the name of SVETS Modular Collective, the Svetlanas are Olga (vocals), Diste (drums), Steve (bass), and American Nick Oliveri. As the first fruit of this partnership, Disco Sucks is a fully self-created endeavor.

This includes the recording and mixing of the album, which the band tackled at their favorite skatepark (the Pinbowl) in their current base of operations in Milan, Italy. It also includes the album artwork and the band’s “10 video challenge” where they will shoot a video for every song on the album by themselves.

“Red instantly attract attention, makes people excited, energetic, and increases the heart rate,” the band says.

Preorder the record here.


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