Synapses Firing just dropped a video for “Strange Animals” from their recent record Ruining You. Watch it below!

Synapses Firing, a four-piece based in the Bronx, NY, began in 2014. The project started by lead singer/guitarist Sean Dowling was originally focused as an outlet for him to release acoustic songs, but then formed into the band it is today after working on tracks with drummer Paul Bennardo.
Four years later, the band have toured all throughout the North East supporting an array of EPs and singles released since then. The band features moody sounds similar to the likes of Rival Schools or Balance and Composure.
Their debut LP, Ruining You, is an alternative rock throwback featuring rom-com-primed hits about heartbreak and the emotions a person can feel. The record showcases great songwriting and melodies matched with the stellar production of Adam Cichocki (Coarse, Gatherers, Thoughtcrimes).
“Recently there’s been a lot of new bands popping up in the Bronx/Yonkers area,” says Dowling. “We have our own little thing up here that doesn’t necessarily fit what’s going on in Brooklyn and Manhattan. The scene is pretty genre-less, but to me, it all has the same spirit. People who overcame a lot of shit just to make some music.”

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