The year of 2019 is the year of talker. Debuting with Horror Films, an EP, in late February, the prominent artist is brining forth the live version of “Wolf Like Me.” The song is originally performed by TV On The Radio. talker brings more grit, more passionate vocals, and more atmospheric space. The outro of talker’s version is daunting, almost like a realization that we can change and still feel stuck. The rendition is performed live and was caught on video, which New Noise Magazine is pleased to be apart of. Watch the exclusive premiere below and pick up Horror Films.

“I started covering ‘Wolf Like Me’ at shows and it quickly became a staple of our set. It’s so much fun to play and bring my own voice into it.” – talker

Read the in depth track by track of Horror Films here

Identity, and the search for it, has long been a theme for alt artist talker. The name “talker” (intentionally spelled lowercase) stems from Celeste Tauchar’s given last name – notorious in her family for being misspelled and mispronounced. Born in Frankfurt, Germany, she grew up in Sacramento, California with a German Catholic mother and Jewish Agnostic father. Early musical influences ranged from Nirvana to Alanis Morissette to Led Zeppelin, whom her parents would play in the car and during family jam nights when she was young. Throughout these formative years, she grappled with mental health and feeling comfortable displaying her true artistic self.

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This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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