Old-head, melodic skate punks Ten Foot Pole are gearing up to drop an acoustic album on October 9 through People Of Punk Rock Records titled Simmer Down. Now, you can listen to one of the singles off the album which New Noise are premiering here today! Check out the video for “Scars” below:

The new, acoustic cover track of “Scars” includes guest bassist Aaron Rubin of Samiam and The Mr. T Experience for a little bit of extra punk cred.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Dennis Jagard, explains the context and transformation of one of Ten Foot Pole’s better-known songs into an acoustic ballad below:

It was satisfying to transform a high-energy, rock anthem into a slow, poignant, beautiful, acoustic tune.  The song is a request to a mildly abusive loved one to reduce defense mechanisms built from long past hurts because without trust, we can’t grow beyond a feeling of being alone.  The lyric video shows us simply performing, without adding the usual TFP bombast and humor, hoping the understated context allows listeners to feel the message.

Simmer Down comes after Dennis’ first full, acoustic tour in 2018, on which he worked to modify the high-energy and goofy antics of Ten Foot Pole’s discography into more vulnerable and intimate settings. These acoustic sets would be punctuated by random discussions, sometimes mid-song monologues about lyrics, tour stories, spontaneous Q-&-A sessions, taking requests, and sound-tech anecdotes that made each set unique.

These sets inspired and the invigorated, new versions of old songs and eventually lead to an entire album, which Dennis and Co. hope people will appreciate hearing as much as they’ve enjoyed playing.

Photo courtesy of Ten Foot Pole

You can preorder a copy of Simmer Down from People Of Punk Rock Records here.


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