Video Premiere: The Acharis – “A Room with a View”

New Noise Magazine is extremely pleased to be premiering the hauntingly beautiful video for “A Room with a View” by The Acharis. The opening sequence feels hollowed out, like a sudden loss of life being sucked from the world. The vocals drift behind a slight bellow of a bass and swelling guitars. The drums hit a cymbal to keep any sense of time before unleashing a more virulent behemoth that shrieks with anguish. The video has plenty of scenes from many different places, setting an established world of different interactions. Take a view below, and pick up the record Lost in the Vortex, where the song originates from, right here!

“This video is about us entering and exiting life and our reality. It addresses the balance between the human mystification of life and the escapism we seek in contrast to an instinctive connection to the animal within us. The song ‘A Room with a View’ was written as a tribute to a friend who took his own life.

The song is meant as a comfort: (from the lyrics) “If it’s bad, it’s ok, cause it’s still what you got all for yourself”

To quote Peggy Lee: ‘Is that all there is?'” – The Acharis

Shaun Wagner and Mila Puccini formed The Acharis in 2015 after spending several years performing in different musical and artistic projects in Oakland, CA. They booked a tour of USA and Europe on the strength of their home recorded demo in and along the way signed deals with EXBTN records in Paris, France and Goth Horse Records in Oakland, CA.

The musical aesthetic of this project is distinctly modern while referencing obvious elements of the past. I.E. Sonic Youth, Suicide, The Breeders, Mazzy Star, Big Black, The Byrds, Yo La Tengo, Pixies.

The Acharis’ debut album Lost in the Vortex was released April 2017 on 12″ vinyl and cassette in USA and Europe. They completed a large European tour summer 2017 supporting the French vinyl release of Lost in the Vortex as well as a USA west coast / Mexico tour supporting the American cassette release. The band is currently writing their second album and playing select regional shows.

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The Acharis
Sex Park
Monday July 16
Elbo Room Jack London
8:00 pm
21 +
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